Michal Pesina is a DJ since 2004. He began his career at the legendary club Mescalito Brno, where he played a mixture of house, techno and electro. Then he extended his club "protfolio" to club minus1. A few months later, in early 2005 he became a resident of the prestigious club 7.nebe Brno, where he has remained ever since and that was key for his music and DJ career. During 2006, Michal became a resident of luxury Prerov's Café & Lounge club Magic Cafe and Club Boskovice DD. His increasing popularity has resulted in obtaining a residency on the second stage (House & Electro) of best trance club event in the Czech Republic - E-motion. In the same year, he claimed a residency at the party Housewars. 2006 is the year of breakthrough for him. Came the first offer to play in Prague, Plzen, Ostrava, Liberec, Olomouc and many other cities and major clubs in the Republic, including Duplex, Mecca, Vertigo, Varna and PH. In 2007, he deviates from the classical concept of house music and starts playing electro-house and minimal-house. At the same time he becomes a production manager in 7.nebe. First experiments in producing music in program Ableton Live also came in and he also works as Betatester for Mixvibes DVS products that works on a similar principle to well known Final Scratch.

In 2008 he obtained a residency at the prestigious Czech clubs. Duplex club Prague especially, X-max Dance Hall in Karvina and Unicome in Teplice. The first offers to play abroad are also more and more in his agenda particularly from Slovakia. He also receives an offer to become part of the lineup for the mega party Electronic Connection in Brno, which was held at the premises of the Boby center. Since then he plays a modern house music, progressive-house and electro-house. Due to the ongoing experiment lust he still more and more connects his performations with live musicians and instruments. Namely Jakub Strings on violin, sax player Milan Strnadel and drummer Pepino Rafael.

In the following year continues his successfull residenture in clubs Duplex, X-max Dance Hall and Unicome. He extends his area of activity of playing in the Slovak Republic and Poland. Among his biggest achievements this year is performance at the prestigious festival Creamfields Central Europe. During his career he recorded many achievements, and ranks as the fastest growing and most talented DJ, which you can meet in our clubs and at parties. With his name is most often associated unique feeling for track quality and their selection.

In 2010, he receives offers to play at events in Switzerland and Austria. Also starts its new resident night TOO SEXY, which is hosting the selected clubs in the Czech Republic and has its regular place in the program at club Mecca and 7.nebe.
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Zusammen mit Live Acts wie SAXOPHON, VIOLINE oder SÄNGER/IN

Je nach individueller Absprache bzw. nach Art und Umfang des Events. Normalerweise 90-180 min.

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min. 2x Pioneer CDJ 2000, 1x Pioneer DJM 800/85/900/2000, Mikrophon, Monitoring-PA-System
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